🎯 Our project’s multiplier event “How to re-lay a good foundation for learning in adulthood?” was held on the 27th of April 2022 in Estonia, Tartu. The event brought together 59 participants in a maybe unusual composition – adult educators from the business sector, adult teachers from adult gymnasiums, vocational schools, folk high schools and other specialists working with low-educated/low-skilled adults (e.g. Unemployment service’s specialist etc.). One fourth of the participants were colleagues from Latvia and Slovakia.
It is rather not that common that adult educators (from the business sector) and teachers are together.
💬 Our aim was to create a forum and highlight the issues in relation to adult learners, whose’ educational background is not so strong. This is a challenge of the formal but also non-formal education sector.
💡 What has changed in your work as trainers/adult teachers over the last 10 years?
💡 How do you see your role as an adult educator in the next 10 years?